December 1, 2006

busy buses

Have you ever been in a full-house bus before?
I know it feels. Do you?

Yesterday, i was going home after my tuition with Yiren and Zhaobin. As usual, i'm always dropped off at the bus stop directly opposite the school. It's much convenient because both Yiren and Zhaobin stays in the same area around the school. Haha, as for me, i've no choice but to take the bus home. It was around 8.30pm that time. Which was not my choice of time going back home. I had to take two buses to go back home, as well as to school. The buses were 139 and 131. 139 wasn't giving me a lot of problems. 131 was THE ONE.

139 drops me off at Little India, where theres truckloads of people roaming around. After waiting for 30mins, the 131 bus finally came. I was shocked to see the bus fully filled with people. Even though a lot of people were going down from the 131 bus, there were an equally same amount of people going up the bus too. I feel tired. Standing for so long just to see a bus get filled up. But i still waited for another bus.

Another 131 bus came, and this time, the bus was quite empty. The only thing is that there were a lot of people going up the bus, filling up the seats. From my eyes, the people were like "scavenging" for seats. As always, i'm standing at the exit. On the next stop, the people who were going down wanted go off at the exit. For goodness sake, all of them were sitting at the front. Can't they just take the entrance to get off? Must they rush through the horde of people around exit while the entrance have no one?

Another incident. There was this guy sitting near the exit. Unfortunately, i was sitting down (lol). The bus was filled up though. And there were two people standing at the exit. As some people were going down, one of the people at the exit had to give space for them to get down. Then it happened, the person's bag touched the guy who was sitting near the exit. The guy got angry and stared at his face. I was like "OMFG LA? His bag touched your shoulder, you will die meh?". The guy scolded the person for "physical contact". If i were the person, i woulda rip his ballz off. He was sooo unreasonable.

And ya, one stinky fellow in the bus, the whole bus will stink too. Trust me.

Well, that's all. Any experiences, please feel free to comment at the bottom of my post. Thanks.

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!
(Btw, is there anything wrong with "may God bless you!" ?)

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