December 20, 2006

Class BBQ

Hah, i just came back from the class BBQ. Quite boring actually.
Anyway, just to share some of the moments..

I was told to met with the others who are going for the BBQ. We were gonna watch a movie! But ended up going to the arcade.. Well at least, i finished one whole game of time crisis 2 with 4 tokens, well with help from Alex.. Lol.
Then after some time, we met up again in Mos Burger. Then more people came.
Soon after, we went to a void deck to play some passing. And of cos, i'm sitting down..

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After that, we went to Mrs Lin's house.. Unfortunately, i did not take a pic of it.. It was quite nice..!
Safwan, Juihao and Wei Yuan started the fire for BBQ-ing.. Well, they cooked a lot of stuffs though.. I did not take much pictures.. Lazy la..

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The Blue Flame~

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Some of the cooked food.

Safwan was the most hardworking guy there.. You all should say thanks to him man..
And there were soooo much chicken wings not cooked.. Hais..

Well.. I'm tired now.. I gonna sleep now..
Too tired to write anymore..


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