December 22, 2006

Yeah, and at the same time, the holidays are coming to an end..
Next year, i will be meeting new guys and gals..
Hope that it will be a better year for me..

Nowadays, i've been thinking about the people i will meet next year.. I know that i will be the odd one out.. But will the class accept me?
I wish that the class is not so rowdy and hoped that they are the friendly bunch..

After the holidays, i'll be banned from using the computer with immediate effect after New Year's Day.. Of course, i will still blog by using the school's computer in the library..

I also hope that my friends that i made over the years wont forget me.. I remember the quote from someone, "To be forgotten is worse than death". I kind of agree with that phrase..

Well, my christmas wishlist is..
- A new pencil case!
- A new bag!
- Hope that next year would be a better one for me!
- 50k maple cash on June next year!

Anyway, till the day comes, i will say, "3b! ROCK On!".


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