November 29, 2006

Here i am again, voicing out my troubles. Today was supposed to be a tuition day for me, and suddenly, i'm needed for scouts. How i wish the tuition started at 5pm. Too bad the scouts ended late and i didn't notice the time. During scouts, i have to do 20 push-ups. Knowing that my weight had increased alot, i'll be torturing my arms and my back. And it really happened, my arms felt numb and my back hurts. I wondered how am i gonna go for tuition.

While going home, i met my tuition teacher on the way to MDIS. I should have called him but i did not bring my phone. My sincere apologies, Mr Huang..

I had to think of a white lie to not make my mother angry for not going tuition. But it did not work, and got scolded for who-the-fuck-knows. I was so angry and was at my boiling point. Could she just understand my situation. I'm like, juggling between scouts and my tuition. I'm so totally filled tuitions on a week. Need to meet Mr Low for Maths remedial and Mr Huang for Maths too. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the days definitely not to be taken. Man, i feel super TIGHT.

What can i do.. My mother doesn't even understand me. I'm already trying so hard. Well, whatever. Life is life. Whatever comes around, goes around. Life's real unfair. You could get sacked from your boss for doing nothing. Very "fair" right?

Imagine getting sacked when your colleague backstabbed you just because you are a saviour. Don't you feel like murdering the person? Why do even these type of people exist.. Even in MapleStory, there are a lot of these types. Scammers, hackers, act-gangsters and super-proud people. All these people are the type that makes your life fucked up. No peace.

Please for goodness sake. Please listen to what people had to say first before you even make a stupid conclusion. It will make you look like a fool. So please.

The End. I'm sleeping now.

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