September 29, 2006

The last day of me posting before the exams..
I've been thinking, whether i'll retain this year..
My maths' totally screwed and the maths paper will have questions mostly on algebra..
Social Studies and History are screwed too..
Chemistry and Physics same..
DNT at least can..
Well, i could at least hope for a miracle..

Back to today..
Today's definitely the last day to play my computer..
I wont be seeing it for a long time..
Once again, i looked back at my past testimonials..
I really missed those days..
But there are regrets too..

Too many people have changed..
I admit, i myself changed too..
Well, what's the use of saying it..
Everyday, i'll just sit down on my seat with the table in front of me..
Stare at the whiteboard..
Listen to the teacher's lesson..
This is not my usual self..

Friends are like..
Too hard to trust..
You'll never know when one day..
.. imagine being backstabbed.
I guess i'll be neutral..
And the class have two sides..
The bright side..
..and the dark side.
And class 3b will never, ever be a CLASS..

How i envy those from the express classes..
So united..
Regardless of relationships..
They work together as a CLASS..

There's a chance..
A chance where 3b can work together..
But it seems like something which will never happen..
As far as i'm concerned..

And today sucks..
To all those who reading now..
Mug hard for FYE!
Do not let yourself down!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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