March 25, 2006

Woah.. Todae's a real wired day.. Firstly.. The PLC of my Scouts CCA make a game called Amazing Race.. Lol, copy from the TV show.. Anyway, me and some other people were in a group, competiting with other groups.. It was one hell of a race and we managed to came in 3rd.. Yeah~! *pats on our backs =p*

After that, we changed into our Scouts full uniform.. 'Cause todae's is the official Stepping Up Ceremony.. I did not become a PL 'cause of my crappy marks for my tests.. Hate that stupid rule truck loads.. Anyway, i'm still a PS.. Who cares.. I'll just continue to be a super PS.. xD

Then.. I went back home.. To reflect on my years and why i did not become a PL.. Haix.. Really disappointed.. All the things i done this years have gone to waste.. But anyway, i'll contribute to Scouts.. Being happy all the way is the thing.. KUDOS to PLC 06/07.. xD

Then at 5.30pm todae, i went to Singapore Polytechnic for a Scouts Campfire.. I had to admit, it was darn boring.. The sound system, the MCs blah blah.. It sucks like hell.. But overall it's okay.. It was so boring, no mood to cheer man.. Then Hong Liang suddenly came.. That was bad news.. All of us in the campfire should know that HL has high expectations of us.. In the end, we kena takan.. Haix.. What can we do.. =p

Well.. That's it for todae.. Hope that my sec 3 camp next monday will be a fun one xD!

May God bless you and thanks for visiting my blog =p

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