March 24, 2006

Lemme take some time to think about year 2006..



Yeah! Year 2006 rox! I'm in class 3b and it's almost the same as last year.. Always full of noise, crap and HAVOC! Well.. At least i'm not the chairman for year 2006.. It's YIREN! Wah, really heng.. Cos last year.. I was a chairman and i wasn't doing that well.. Haix..

Anyway, put the past aside and start new year fresh.. It's already March and it's going fast.. Sec 3 camp.. ACE day.. so much more! AND we're hosting the games this international friendship day! WOOHOO! This is so fun..

Now.. Not my fave topic though but it's MY ACADEMIC RESULTS! It sux.. It really sux.. As always, Maths was my worst subject..And Chinese too.. But at least my English got pumped up.. POA is now one of my fave subjects xD

Aniwae.. That's it for year 2006..

Guys and gals of 3b.. Good luck for the mid year exams!

May God bless you and thanks for visiting my blog!


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