March 31, 2006

Sec 3 camp rocks man! It was one of the best camps i have ever entered.. Or should i say.. IT'S THE BEST! Rin was our trainer.. And heard that he was the best out of the big group of trainers! Woah.. I'm really glad.. He WAS really that damned good! xD

Anyway, me and my group 1 called Krabi.. Spend 2 nights with Rin and his crew in Sarimbun Scout Camp.. The camp i'll be attending in a few months time.. Haiz.. We did a lot of fun stuff man.. Kayaking, river crossing and MUD TREK!! Hahaha.. Too bad for the guys who didn't join us in the camp.. Boooya~!

The campfire rocks ass man~! We joined group 2, known as Aonang! And we rocked the stage man.. Haha! Ah-Woo-GA!! Rin is just sooo cute haha! Anyway, the camp ended too fast.. How i wish that the camp lasted for a week.. Haiz.. I meant it.. IT WAS THAT DAMNED FUN!

Oh ya.. My group.. Krabi, won the most improved group award.. YEAHH!! YeeHAW!! At least we never let Rin down.. We made him PROUD!



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