June 6, 2006

Haha.. Just came back yesterday.. Group Camp o6 rawks totally.. Our Camp Chief, Ganesh, rawks man.. (3b guys should know him) Haha.. The camp is way better than any other group camps in the other years.. Since next year is Dragon Scout's 85th anniversary.. I'll be sure to go for next year's group camp.. Since i'm gonna be a venture anyway..

But so sad.. I sprained my ankle once again.. Then cannot go for kayaking and SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) Haiz.. Nvm next year aso can do.. Firstly, i dun really like my patrol's attitude.. Always so slack.. Well..

The last day of Group Camp is always the best.. But very hectic at the same time.. I brought back almost all the camping stuffs back to the store.. My PL got some sort of dick rash.. HAHA! Tired and dirty all over.. Haiz.. Then the scouts went back to school in a super cooling bus.. Heh heh.. Nice sia.. Blows my hair to perfection! Wahaha..!

Then we brought back all staves to the stave rack.. First time i see dragon scouts so much teamwork in them.. Haha.. We finished everything in time.. Then we had a fun talking session with Ganesh the camp chief and Hong Liang the chief squarED.. Fun sia..

Anyway. that's all folks!

AND my assassin in Aquila is LEVEL 60!!

Seeya and may God bless you!

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